"The responsibility of owners of    the success of any company is, at the end, undividable.

  Ownership can be divided."

- Marko Seppä, Owner and CEO

 Hands-on Business Creation 

As co-entrepreneur to ambitious teams seeking venture capital for growth in international markets, I participate in strategy work, partner search and sales action to make the firms investment-ready.

Many things must click for an engagement, but if there is mutual interest, let's talk!

Business Creation Support

As advisor to companies & institutions interested in international opportunities and growth, I contribute by sharpening value-propositions and business plans, and organizing targeted market introductions.

Each assignment is unique. To learn if and how I could help Your Mission, take contact!

Business Creation Insights

As instructor to private and public sector organizations interested in the art of business creationI deliver keynote talks, training programs, event facilitations, expert opinions and project evaluations.

If you are interested in my potential in such a role, in an event or program, call me!

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