"It is not rocket science.

Business creation is something far more complicated than that."

- Marko Seppä, Owner and CEO

Marko Seppä

I advise, build, and connect businesses.

Apprenticed by founders of Panostaja, I built a VC firm (FVC) to Russia in 1991-2000, and 2 globally ambitious university organizations (eBRCGVL) in 2001-2011. Since then I've worked to build a new breed global business creation company (Global Enabler).

Venture Capital Corporation

I founded VCC as a part-time investment & advisory practice in 1989. After six exits, I have three portfolio firms. My first advisory client was CapMan for an assignment in the US, and there is a history of over 60 clients.

Being a one-man-show, VCC is small as a company but in many ways big as a partner.

Business Creation

To me, it is people realizing a selected business opportunity, arousing demand, generating sales and creating customer value -- and producing returns to prove it -- by using companies as vehicles.

It is connecting incompatible dots: people machines, money, good & bad days, 24/7.

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