"We are on a mission from God!"

- Elwood Blues,

The Blues Brothers (1980)

My Professional Conviction

Help good people build great companies 

I want to help people who have good intentions, are trustworthy, respect diversity and cherish equal opportunity -- people who want their enterprise to boldly grow across old borders and barriers seeking to make our beautiful planet a happier and wealthier place.

My first ten years in business were marked by sales of industrial products, international team building, fund raising and cross-border investments. Using business to solve Big Problems was not anywhere near my platter.

I then invested a few years to defend my PhD in front of a Silicon Valley professor, in 2000. He soon invited me to co-create a private business school in his native Bombay. To me India was a game-changer.

This led to an 11-year "stint" in academia. My mission ended as invited professor of growth venture creation at JYU. And enabling enterprise creation to solve Big Problems had become my new "calling".

Back to business since 2012, I wish to use every lesson, wisdom, experience and connection gained since 1986 to help Good People build Great Companies, with my fellow co-founders of Global Enabler.

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