"We are on a mission from God!"

- Elwood Blues,

The Blues Brothers (1980)

My Professional Conviction

Help good people build great companies 

I want to help people who have good intentions, are trustworthy, respect diversity and cherish equal opportunity -- people who want their enterprise to boldly grow across old borders and barriers seeking to make our beautiful planet a happier & wealthier place.

My first ten years in business were marked by sales of industrial products, international team building, fund raising and cross-border investments. Solving societal and ecological problems was nowhere near my platter.

I then invested a few years to defend my PhD in front of a Silicon Valley professor, in 2000. He soon invited me to co-create a private business school in his native Bombay. To me India was a game-changer.

This led to an 11-year "stint" in academia. By end of mission as invited professor of growth venture creation at JYU, enabling global co-creation of business to solve Big Problems was my highest calling.

Back in business since 2012, I wish to use every lesson, wisdom, experience and connection gained in 25 years to help Good People build Great Companies, across all borders, based in Vietnam since 2016.

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