"In giving advice, seek to help, not please, your friend"

 - Solon (638-559 BC)

Contact Information

Marko Seppä, Owner and CEO, Dr. Econ.

Mobile/WhatsApp: +358 400 638 780
Skype: marko.seppa 

Email: marko.seppa (at) vcc.fi

See also www.GlobalEnabler.com

Reference Publications

Global Opportunity for VCs, Accelerators & Universities, Advance Saigon 2017; Enabling Business Creation at Universities, HSU 2017; Value Co-Creation, Amazon Kindle 2013; Global Business Creation, TIMR 2012; From VC to V2C, eBRC 2006; Strategy Logic of the Venture Capitalist, JYU 2000

Reference Links 

In 2001-2005 I co-founded/ran EBRF & V2C Forum for TUT/UTA, in 2007-2011 GVL Network & Kasvu Open (empowered by R2G method) for JYU, and in 2015-2018 TOT2VMAP for IPP. For a full story, see my bio.

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